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FortiManager Open Ports

Incoming Ports
Purpose Protocol/Port
FortiClient FortiGuard Queries UDP/53, UDP/8888
FortiGate Management TCP/541
IPv6 TCP/542
Log & Report TCP or UDP/514
Secure SNMP UDP/161, UDP/162
FortiGuard Queries TCP/8890, UDP/53
FortiGuard AV/IPS UDP/9443
FortiManager FortiClient Manager TCP/6028
Others SSH CLI Management TCP/22
Telnet CLI Management TCP/23
SNMP Traps UDP/162
Web Admin TCP/80, TCP/443


Outgoing Ports
Purpose Protocol/Port
FortiAnalyzer Syslog & OFTP TCP/514, UDP/514
Registration TCP/541
FortiGate AV/IPS Push UDP/9443
SSH CLI Management TCP/22
Management TCP/541
SNMP Poll UDP/161, UDP/162
FortiGuard Queries TCP/443
FortiGuard AV/IPS Updates, URL/AS Update, Firmware, SMS, FTM, Licensing, Policy Override Authentication TCP/443
Registration TCP/80
FortiManager FortiClient Manager TCP/6028
3rd-Party Servers DNS UDP/53
SNMP Traps UDP/162
Proxied HTTPS Traffic TCP/443
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Note that, while a proxy is configured, FortiManager uses the following URLs to access the FortiGuard Distribution Network (FDN) for the following updates:

  • - FortiGate AV/IPS package downloads
  • - Webfilter/AntiSpam DB and AVfileQuery DB downloads
  • - FortiClient signature package downloads
  • - FortiClient Webfilter queries to FortiGuard