Threat Map

The Threat Map console displays network activity by geographic region. Threats from various international destinations will be shown, but only those arriving at your destination, as depicted by the FortiGate. You can place your cursor over the FortiGate's location to display the device name, IP address, and the city name/location.

A visual lists of threats is shown at the bottom, displaying the location, severity, and nature of the attacks. The color gradient of the darts on the map indicate the traffic risk, where red indicates the more critical risk.

Unlike other FortiView consoles, this console has no filtering options, however you can click on any country to drill down into greater (filtered) detail.

note icon Only FortiGate models 100D and above support the 24 hour historical data.

Scenario: Investigate various international threats

The Threat Map console can be used to regionalize areas that you are more interested in, and disregard regions that you are not interested in:

  1. Go to FortiView > Threat Map to see a real-time map of the globe. This will show various incoming threats from multiple destinations around the world, depending upon where the FortiGate is placed on the map.
  2. You are not interested with threats that are being sent to Eastern Europe, however you are concerned with threats that may be sent to a city in North America. Click and drag the FortiGate to the approximate location where you would like to monitor the incoming threats.
  3. To see which countries are sending the more severe threats to your region/location, either see where the red darts are coming from, or check the visual lists of threats at the bottom.