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Restoring a configuration file

Rather than reconfigure the FortiGate manually, it is possible to upload a saved configuration file.

To restore your FortiGate configuration

  1. Go to System > Dashboard > Status and locate the System Information widget.
  2. Select [Restore] beside System Configuration.
  3. Choose either Local PC or USB Disk depending the location of the file.
  4. Select Choose File and browse to the correct file in the file manager window.
  5. If a password was associated with the configuration file, enter it in the Password field.
  6. Select Restore.


During the installation there are some possible errors that you may come across but the solutions are usually straightforward.


Error message Reason and Solution
Configuration file error

This error occurs when attempting to upload a configuration file that is incompatible with the device. This may be due to the configuration file being for a different model or being saved from a different version of firmware.

Solution: upload a configuration file that is for the correct model of FortiGate device and the correct version of the firmware.

Invalid password

When the configuration file is saved, it can be protected by a password. The password entered during the upload process is not matching the one associated with the configuration file.

Solution: use the correct password if the file is password protected.