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Application Control Actions


This action allows the targeted traffic to continue on through the FortiGate unit.


This action allows the targeted traffic to continue on through the FortiGate unit but logs the traffic for analysis.


This action prevents all traffic from reaching the application and logs all occurrences.


This action resets the session or connection between the FortiGate and the initiating node.

Traffic Shaping

This action presents a number of default traffic shaping options:

  • guarantee-100kbps
  • high-priority
  • low-priority
  • medium-priority
  • shared-1M-pipe

View Signatures

This option brings up a window that displays a list of the signatures with the following columns:

  • Application Name
  • Category
  • Technology - Technology is broken down into 3 technology models as well as the more basic Network-Protocol which would can be used as a catch all for anything not covered by the more narrowly defined technologies of:
  • Browser-Based
  • Client-Server
  • Peer -to-Peer
  • Popularity - Popularity is broken down into 5 levels of popularity represented by stars. 5 stars representing the most popular applications and 1 star representing applications that are the least popular.
  • Risk - The Risk property does not indicate the level of risk but the type of impact that is likely to occur by allowing the traffic from that application to occur. The Risk list is broken down into the following