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Testing your antivirus configuration

You have configured your FortiGate unit to stop viruses, but you’d like to confirm your settings are correct. Even if you have a real virus, it would be dangerous to use for this purpose. An incorrect configuration will allow the virus to infect your network.

To solve this problem, the European Institute of Computer Anti-virus Research has developed a test file that allows you to test your antivirus configuration. The EICAR test file is not a virus. It can not infect computers, nor can it spread or cause any damage. It’s a very small file that contains a sequence of characters. Your FortiGate unit recognizes the EICAR test file as a virus so you can safely test your FortiGate unit antivirus configuration.

Go to to download the test file ( or the test file in a ZIP archive (

If the antivirus profile applied to the security policy that allows you access to the Web is configured to scan HTTP traffic for viruses, any attempt to download the test file will be blocked. This indicates that you are protected.