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> Chapter 9 - Firewall > GUI & CLI - What You May Not Know > To Enable or Disable Optionally Displayed Features

To enable or disable optionally displayed features

There are a number of features in the web-based manager that can be configured to either be displayed if you are likely to use them or disabled if you have no need to see them. The ones that may be relevant to the function of the Firewall are:

  • Central NAT Table
  • Dynamic Profile
  • Explicit Proxy
  • Implicit Firewall Policies
  • IPv6
  • Load Balance
  • Local In Policy

You can enable or disable these features by going to System > Admin > Settings or by using the following CLI options:

config system global

set gui-ap-profile {disable | enable}

set gui-central-nat-table {disable | enable}

set gui-dns-database {disable | enable}

set gui-dynamic-profile-display {disable | enable}

set gui-icap {disable | enable}

set gui-implicit-id-based-policy {disable | enable}

set gui-implicit-policy {disable | enable}

set gui-ipsec-manual-key {enable | disable}

set gui-ipv6 {enable | disable}

set gui-lines-per-page <gui_lines>

set gui-load-balance {disable | enable}

set gui-object-tags {disable | enable}

set gui-policy-interface-pairs-view {enable | disable}

set gui-voip-profile {disable | enable}