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Numeric values

Numeric values are used to configure various sizes, rates, numeric addresses, or other numeric values. For example, a static routing priority of 10, a port number of 8080, or an IP address of Numeric values can be entered as a series of digits without spaces or commas (for example, 10 or 64400), in dotted decimal format (for example the IP address or as in the case of MAC or IPv6 addresses separated by colons (for example, the MAC address 00:09:0F:B7:37:00). Most numeric values are standard base-10 numbers, but some fields (again such as MAC addresses) require hexadecimal numbers.

Most web-based manager numeric value fields make it easy to add the acceptable number of digits within the allowed range. CLI help includes information about allowed numeric value ranges. Both the web-based manager and the CLI prevent you from entering invalid numbers.