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Mouse tricks

In previous version of the firmware much of the navigation, editing or choosing of options in the Web-based Manager was carried out by using the mouse in combination with a number of icons visible on the interface. This version of the firmware makes more extensive use of the right or secondary mouse button as well as the “drag and drop” feature. If you are used to the old Web-based Manager interface you will notice that a number of the options at the top of the display window are not there anymore or there are fewer of them.

To get a feel for the new approach the Policy & Objects > Policy > IPv4 window is a noticeable place to see some of these changes in action.

The different view modes are still in the upper right-hand corner as they were before but now there is no column settings link to move or configure the columns of the window. Now if you wish to reposition a column just use the mouse to click on the column heading and drag it to its new position. If you wish to add a new column just right-click on one of the column headings and a drop down menu will appear with the option “Column Settings”. Use the right pointing triangle to expand the “Column Settings” option to see a choice of possible columns for the window you are in. Those already selected will be at the top with a checked box and the available new ones will be at the bottom ready to be selected.

Rather than having a link to initiate a move in the positioning of policies in the sequence, you can select a policy and hold down the mouse button and drag it to its new position.

By right or secondary clicking the mouse curser in the cells of the Policy window you will get a drop down menu that is contextual to the column and policy row where you made the clck.For example if you right click in the “Schedule” column for the row that is for policy #5 you will get the option to select a schedule for policy #5 along with a number of other configuration options relating to that policy or its position in the sequence of policies.

You will find this approach used much more frequently through out the Web-based Manager, giving it a more modern and intuitive feel once you learn to use the right mouse button rather than finding a link displayed on the page.