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Changing the default column setting on the policy page

The Policy & Objects > Policy > IPv4 window is one of the more important ones in the Web based interface and has the capacity to display a lot of information, but displaying all of that information at the same time makes for a very busy screen. If all of the columns are displayed, depending on the screen size you may have to constantly use the scroll bars to see what you need to look at. The default installation shows some of the more commonly used columns but these list may not consist of the columns that you wish to look at or the order that you wish to view them in. For this reason it is possible, through the CLI to override these settings to establish a new default.

The syntax of the command starts with:

config system settings

set gui-default-policy-columns


The rest of the command is a space delimited list that depends on the columns you wish to view and the order you wish to view them in. The possible selection is in the following table.

Variables for the gui-default-policy-columns command
Variable Name Column Heading
# Sequence Number
policyid Policy ID
srcintf Source Interface
dstintf Destination Interface
srcaddr Source Addresses
dstaddr Destination Addresses
schedule Policy Schedule
service Policy Services
action Policy Action
logtraffic Traffic Logging Status
nat Policy NAT Status
status Policy Status
authentication Authentication Groups
count Policy Traffic Counter
profile Security Profiles
vpntunnel VPN Tunnel
comments Policy Comment


If you wanted these columns in this order, Policy ID, Source Addresses, Destination Addresses, Security Profiles, Policy Comment. You would enter the command:

config system settings

set gui-default-policy-columns policyid srcaddr dstaddr profile comments