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UUID support

A Universally Unique Identified (UUID) attribute has been added to some firewall objects, so that the logs can record these UUID to be used by a FortiManager or FortiAnalyzer unit. The objects currently include:

  • Addresses, both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Address Groups, both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Virtual IPs, both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Virtual IP groups, both IPv4 and IPv6
  • Policies, IPv4,IPv6 and IP64

A UUID is a 16-octet (128-bit) number that is represented by 32 lowercase hexidecimal digits. The digits are displayed in five groups separated by hyphens (-). The pattern is 8-4-4-4-12; 36 digits if you include the hyphens.

Note: UUID is only supported on large-partition platforms (>=128M)