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URL pattern addresses

This address is different from the other addresses in that it is not designed to be used in the normal firewall policy configuration. It is intended to be used only with explicit web proxies, and then only as a destination. In some respects it is like a FQDN address in that it uses DNS to look up the IP address that represents but it then goes a little more granular and further filters by the URL that is used to specify a location within the website itself. Wildcard characters can even be used to keep the address from being too granular.

Creating a IP range address

  1. Go to Policy & Objects > Objects > Addresses.
  2. Select Create New.
  • If you use the down arrow next to Create New, select Address.
  1. Choose the Category, “Address”.
  2. Input a Name for the address object.
  3. Select the Type,URL Pattern (Explicit Proxy) from the dropdown menu.
  4. Enter the URL value.
  5. Select the Interface from the dropdown menu.
  6. Check the Visibility box.
  7. Input any additional information in the Comments field.
  8. Press OK.


Example of a URL pattern address for a wiki on the website.

Category Address
Name Example.com_wiki
Type URL Pattern (Explicit Proxy)
URL Pattern*
Interface any
Visibility [checked]
Comments <optional>