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Example: Multicast address

The company has a large high tech campus that has monitors in many of its meeting rooms. It is common practice for company wide notifications of importance to be done in a streaming video format with the CEO of the company addressing everyone at once.

The video is High Definition quality so takes up a lot of bandwidth. To minimize the impact on the network the network administrators have set things up to allow the use of multicasting to the monitors for these notifications. Now it has to be set up on the FortiGate firewall to allow the traffic.

  • The range being used for the multicast is to
  • The interface on this FortiGate firewall will be on port 4
  1. Go to Policy & Objects> Objects > Addresses and select Create New > Address.
  2. Fill out the fields with the following information
Category Multicast Address
Name Meeting_Room_Displays
Type Multicast IP Range
Multicast IP Range
Interface port4
Visibility <enable>
Comments <Input into this field is optional>
  1. Select OK.
  2. Enter the following CLI command:

config firewall multicast-address

edit "meeting_room_display"

set associated-interface "port9"

set start-ip

set end-ip

set visibility enable



To verify that the address range was added correctly:
  1. Go to Policy & Objects> Objects > Addresses. Check that the addresses have been added to the address list and that they are correct.
  2. Enter the following CLI command:

config firewall multicast-address

edit <the name of the address that you wish to verify>

Show full-configuration