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> Chapter 9 - Firewall > Building firewall objects and policies > Example: IPv6 Address Group

Example: IPv6 address group

Create IPv6 address groups from existing IPv6 addresses

Your company has 3 internal servers with IPv6 addresses that it would like to group together for the purposes of a number of policies.

The preconfigured addresses to use will consist of:

  • Web_Server-1
  • Web_Server-2
  • Web_Server-3
  1. Go to Policy & Objects> Objects > Addresses and select Create New > Address Group.
  2. Fill out the fields with the following information
Type IPv6 Group
Group Name Web_Server_Cluster
Show in Address List <enable>
Members Web_Server-1


Comments <Input into this field is optional>
  1. Select OK.
  2. Enter the following CLI command:

config firewall addrgrp6

edit Web_Server_Cluster

set member Web_Server-1 Web_Server-2 Web_Server-3


To verify that the addresses were added correctly:
  1. Go to Policy & Objects> Objects > Addresses. Check that the addresses have been added to the address list and that they are correct.
  2. Enter the following CLI command:

config firewall addgrp6

edit <the name of the address that you wish to verify>

Show full-configuration