Create or edit a bookmark

A web bookmark can include login credentials to automatically log the SSL-VPN user into the website. When the administrator configures bookmarks, the website credentials must be the same as the userʼs SSL-VPN credentials. Users configuring their own bookmarks can specify alternative credentials for the website.

Select Create New to open the New Bookmark page.

Select bookmark from the list and then select Edit to open the Edit Bookmark page.

Configure the following settings in the New Bookmark page or Edit Bookmark page and then select OK:

Name Enter a name for the bookmark.
Type Select the type of link from the drop-down list. Telnet, VNC, and RDP require a browser plugin. FTP replaces the bookmarks page with an HTML file-browser.
URL Enter the IP address source.
Description Enter a brief description of the link.
Single Sign-On Select Automatic or Static if you want to use Single Sign-On (SSO) for any links that require authentication.

When including a link using SSO, be sure to use the entire URL. For example,, rather than just the IP address.
SSO Credentials If you selected Automatic or Static for SSO, select whether you want to use the same credentials as the SSL-VPN Login or Alternative credentials.
Username If you selected Alternative for SSO, enter a user name for signing in.
Password If you selected Alternative for SSO, enter a password for signing in.
SSO Form Data Enter the SSO form data.

Select Add for additional rows.