FortiManager documentation

The following FortiManager product documentation is available:

  • FortiManager Administration Guide

    This document describes how to set up the FortiManager system and use it to manage supported Fortinet units. It includes information on how to configure multiple Fortinet units, configuring and managing the FortiGate VPN policies, monitoring the status of the managed devices, viewing and analyzing the FortiGate logs, updating the virus and attack signatures, providing web filtering and email filter service to the licensed FortiGate units as a local FDS, firmware revision control and updating the firmware images of the managed units.

  • FortiManager device QuickStart Guides

    These documents are included with your FortiManager system package. Use this document to install and begin working with the FortiManager system and FortiManager GUI.

  • FortiManager Online Help

    You can get online help from the FortiManager GUI. FortiManager online help contains detailed procedures for using the FortiManager GUI to configure and manage FortiGate units.

  • FortiManager CLI Reference

    This document describes how to use the FortiManager Command Line Interface (CLI) and contains references for all FortiManager CLI commands.

  • FortiManager Release Notes

    This document describes new features and enhancements in the FortiManager system for the release, and lists resolved and known issues. This document also defines supported platforms and firmware versions.

  • FortiManager VM Install Guide

    This document describes installing FortiManager VM in your virtual environment.