About the FortiManager system

The FortiManager system is a security-hardened appliance with simplified installation, and improved system reliability and security. You can install a second peer FortiManager system for database backups.

The FortiManager system manages communication between the managed devices and the FortiManager GUI.

The FortiManager system stores and manages all managed devices’ configurations.

It can also act as a local FDS server for the managed devices to download virus and attack signatures, and to use the web filtering and email filtering service. This will reduce network delay and usage, compared with the managed devices’ connection to an FDS server over the Internet.

FortiManager feature set

The FortiManager feature set includes the following modules:

  • Device Manager
  • Policy & Objects
  • FortiGuard
  • System Settings

FortiAnalyzer feature set

The FortiAnalyzer feature set can be enabled in FortiManager. The FortiAnalyzer feature set includes the following modules:

  • FortiView
  • Event Management
  • Reports