Go to Device Manager > SD-WAN to configure SD-WAN templates and assign FortiGate devices to the templates.

SD-WAN templates help you do the following:

  • Deploy a single SD-WAN template from FortiManager across multiple FortiGate devices.
  • Perform a zero-touch deployment without manual configuration locally at the FortiGate devices.
  • Roll out a uniform SD-WAN configuration across your network.
  • Eliminate errors in SD-WAN configuration across multiple FortiGate devices since the SD-WAN template is applied centrally from FortiManager.
  • Monitor network Performance SLA across multiple FortiGate devices centrally from FortiManager.
  • Monitor the performance of your SD-WAN with multiple views.

Using SD-WAN templates consists of the following steps:

  1. Specify the ports where the SD-WAN settings will be applied. See Interface members.
  2. Specify the health-check servers that will monitor the network parameters. See Health-Check Servers.
  3. Create an SD-WAN template that includes the following:
    1. Add Interface Members - add the Interface Members created in step 1.
    2. Performance SLA - create a Performance SLA. Add the Interface Member and Health Check Servers.
    3. SD-WAN Rules - create rules and configure advanced options on network traffic management.

    See SD-WAN templates.

  4. Assign a FortiGate device to the SD-WAN template. See Assigned devices.
  5. Install device settings using the Install Wizard. See Using the Install Wizard to install device settings only.
  6. Go to SD-WAN > Monitor to monitor the FortiGate devices. See Monitor SD-WAN.

The SD-WAN template takes effect on the FortiGate device only after it is installed using the Install Wizard. After installing the SD-WAN template on the FortiGate device, changing settings in SD-WAN, Performance SLA, or SD-WAN Rules locally on the FortiGate device will result in the SD-WAN template on the FortiManager being out of sync with the FortiGate device. You must configure the same settings on the FortiManager SD-WAN template and install it again using the Install Wizard to be in sync with the settings on the FortiGate.