System Information widget

The information displayed in the System Information widget is dependent on the FortiManager models and device settings. The following information is available on this widget:

Host Name

The identifying name assigned to this FortiManager unit. Click the edit host name button to change the host name. For more information, see Changing the host name.

Serial Number

The serial number of the FortiManager unit. The serial number is unique to the FortiManager unit and does not change with firmware upgrades. The serial number is used for identification when connecting to the FortiGuard server.

Platform Type

Displays the FortiManager platform type, for example FMGVM64 (virtual machine).

HA Status

Displays if FortiManager unit is in High Availability mode and whether it is the Master or Slave unit in the HA cluster. For more information see High Availability.

System Time

The current time on the FortiManager internal clock. Click the edit system time button to change system time settings. For more information, see Configuring the system time.

Firmware Version

The version number and build number of the firmware installed on the FortiManager unit. To update the firmware, you must download the latest version from the Customer Service & Support website at Click the update button, then select the firmware image to load from the local hard disk or network volume. For more information, see Updating the system firmware.

System Configuration

The date of the last system configuration backup. The following actions are available:

Current Administrators

The number of administrators currently logged in. Click the current session list button to view the session details for all currently logged in administrators.

Up Time

The duration of time the FortiManager unit has been running since it was last started or restarted.

Administrative Domain

Displays whether ADOMs are enabled. Toggle the switch to change the Administrative Domain state. See Enabling and disabling the ADOM feature.

FortiAnalyzer Features

Displays whether FortiAnalyzer features are enabled. Toggle the switch to change the FortiAnalyzer features state. FortiAnalyzer Features are not available on available on the FortiManager 100C.

See FortiAnalyzer Features for information.