View logs related to a policy rule

After you add a FortiAnalyzer device to FortiManager by using the Add FortiAnalyzer wizard, you can view the logs that it receives. In the Policy & Objects pane, you can view logs related to the UUID for a policy rule. You can also use the UUID to search related policy rules.

See also Adding FortiAnalyzer devices.

To view logs related to a policy rule:
  1. Ensure you are in the correct ADOM.
  2. Go to Policy & Objects > Policy Packages.
  3. From the Column Settings menu in the toolbar, select UUID.

    The UUID column is displayed.

  4. Select a policy package.
  5. In the content pane, right click a number in the UUID column, and select View Log.

    The View Log by UUID: <UUID> window is displayed and lists all of the logs associated with the policy ID.