System templates

The Device Manager > Provisioning Templates > System Templates pane allows you to create and manage device profiles. A system template is a subset of a model device configuration. Each device or device group can be linked with a system template. When linked, the selected settings come from the template and not from the Device Manager database.

By default, there is one generic profile defined. System templates are managed in a similar manner to policy packages. You can use the context menus to create new device profiles. You can configure settings in the widget or import settings from a specific device.

Go to the Device Manager > Provisioning Templates > System Templates > default pane to configure system templates.

System templates are available in 5.2, 5.4, and 5.6 ADOMs. Some settings may not be available in all ADOM versions.

After making changes in a widget, click Apply to save your changes.

To close a widget, click the Close icon in the widget’s top right.

To select which widgets to display, click Toggle Widgets and select which widgets to display.

To import settings from another device, click the Import icon in the widget’s top right and select the device from which to import.

The following widgets and settings are available:




Primary DNS Server, Secondary DNS Server, Local Domain Name.

NTP Server

Synchronize with NTP Server and Sync Interval settings. You can select to use the FortiGuard server or specify one or more other servers.

Alert Email

SMTP Server settings including server, authentication, SMTP user ID, and password.

Admin Settings

Web Administration Ports, Timeout Settings, and Web Administration.


SNMP v1/v2 and SNMP v3 settings. In the toolbar, you can select to create, edit, or delete the record.

To create a new SNMP, click Create New and specify the community name, hosts, queries, traps, and SNMP events.

Replacement Messages

You can customize replacement messages. Click Import to select a device and the objects to import.

Log Settings

You can select Send Logs to FortiAnalyzer/FortiManager and/or Send Logs to Syslog.


Select Enable FortiGuard Security Updates to retrieve updates from FortiGuard servers or from this FortiManager. You can define multiple servers and specify Update, Rating, or Updates and Rating. You can also select Include Worldwide FortiGuard Servers.

You can create, edit, or delete templates. Select System Templates in the tree to display the Create New, Edit, Delete, and Import options in the content pane. You can also select the devices to be associated with the template by selecting Assign to Device.

To assign a system template to a device:
  1. Go to Device Manager > Provisioning Templates > System Templates.
  2. In the content pane, select a template and click Assign to Device.
  3. Select devices to assign to and click OK.

    The devices assigned to the template are shown in the Assign to Device column.