get : user adgrp
user adgrp
Use this command to list Directory Service user groups.
get user adgrp [<dsgroupname>]
If you do not specify a group name, the command returns information for all Directory Service groups. For example:
== [ DOCTEST/Cert Publishers ]
name: DOCTEST/Cert Publishers server-name: DSserv1
== [ DOCTEST/Developers ]
name: DOCTEST/Developers server-name: DSserv1
== [ DOCTEST/Domain Admins ]
name: DOCTEST/Domain Admins server-name: DSserv1
== [ DOCTEST/Domain Computers ]
name: DOCTEST/Domain Computers server-name: DSserv1
== [ DOCTEST/Domain Controllers ]
name: DOCTEST/Domain Controllers server-name: DSserv1
== [ DOCTEST/Domain Guests ]
name: DOCTEST/Domain Guests server-name: DSserv1
== [ DOCTEST/Domain Users ]
name: DOCTEST/Domain Users server-name: DSserv1
== [ DOCTEST/Enterprise Admins ]
name: DOCTEST/Enterprise Admins server-name: DSserv1
== [ DOCTEST/Group Policy Creator Owners ]
name: DOCTEST/Group Policy Creator Owners server-name: DSserv1
== [ DOCTEST/Schema Admins ]
name: DOCTEST/Schema Admins server-name: DSserv1
If you specify a Directory Service group name, the command returns information for only that group. For example:
name : DOCTEST/Developers
server-name : ADserv1
The server-name is the name you assigned to the Directory Service server when you configured it in the user fsae command.