get : system status
system status
Use this command to display system status information including:
FortiGate firmware version, build number and branch point
virus and attack definitions version
FortiGate unit serial number and BIOS version
log hard disk availability
host name
operation mode
virtual domains status: current VDOM, max number of VDOMs, number of NAT and TP mode VDOMs and VDOM status
current HA status
system time
the revision of the WiFi chip in a FortiWiFi unit
get system status
Example output
Version: Fortigate-620B v4.0,build0271,100330 (MR2)
Virus-DB: 11.00643(2010-03-31 17:49)
Extended DB: 11.00643(2010-03-31 17:50)
Extreme DB: 0.00000(2003-01-01 00:00)
IPS-DB: 2.00778(2010-03-31 12:55)
FortiClient application signature package: 1.167(2010-04-01 10:11)
Serial-Number: FG600B3908600705
BIOS version: 04000006
Log hard disk: Available
Hostname: 620_ha_1
Operation Mode: NAT
Current virtual domain: root
Max number of virtual domains: 10
Virtual domains status: 1 in NAT mode, 0 in TP mode
Virtual domain configuration: disable
FIPS-CC mode: disable
Current HA mode: a-p, master
Distribution: International
Branch point: 271
Release Version Information: MR2
System time: Thu Apr 1 15:27:29 2010