get : system source-ip
system source-ip
Use this command to list defined source-IPs.
get system source-ip
Example output
# get sys source-ip status
The following services force their communication to use
a specific source IP address:
service=NTP source-ip=
service=DNS source-ip=
vdom=root service=RADIUS name=server-pc25 source-ip=
vdom=root service=TACACS+ name=tac_plus_pc25 source-ip=
vdom=root service=FSAE name=pc26 source-ip=
vdom=V1 service=RADIUS name=pc25-Radius source-ip=
vdom=V1 service=TACACS+ name=pc25-tacacs+ source-ip=
vdom=V1 service=FSAE name=pc16 source-ip=