get : system cmdb status
system cmdb status
View information about cmdbsvr on the FortiGate unit. FortiManager uses some of this information.
get system cmdb status
Example output
# get system cmdb status
version: 1
owner id: 18
update index: 6070
config checksum: 12879299049430971535
last request pid: 68
last request type: 29
last request: 78
Version of the cmdb software.
owner id
Process ID of the cmdbsvr daemon.
update index
The updated index shows how many changes have been made in cmdb.
config checksum
The config file version used by FortiManager.
last request pid
The last process to access the cmdb.
last requst type
Type of the last attempted access of cmdb.
last request
The number of the last attempted access of cmdb.