get : system admin status
system admin status
View the status of the currently logged in admin and their session.
get system admin status
The output looks like this:
# get system admin status
username: admin
login local: sshv2
login device: port1:
login remote:
login vdom: root
login started: 2006-08-09 12:24:20
current time: 2006-08-09 12:32:12
Name of the admin account currently logged in.
login local
The protocol used to start the current session.
login device
The login information from the FortiGate unit including interface, IP address, and port number.
login remote
The computer the user is logging in from including the IP address and port number.
login vdom
The virtual domain the admin is current logged into.
login started
The time the current session started.
current time
The current time of day on the FortiGate unit