get : hardware nic
hardware nic
Use this command to display hardware and status information about each FortiGate interface. The hardware information includes details such as the driver name and version and chip revision. Status information includes transmitted and received packets, and different types of errors.
get hardware nic <interface_name>
A FortiGate interface name such as port1, wan1, internal, etc.
Example output
get hardware nic port9
Chip_Model FA2/ISCP1B-v3/256MB
FPGA_REV_TAG 06101916
Driver Name iscp1a/b-DE
Driver Version 0.1
Driver Copyright Fortinet Inc.
Link down
Speed N/A
Duplex N/A
State up
Rx_Packets 0
Tx_Packets 0
Rx_Bytes 0
Tx_Bytes 0
Current_HWaddr 00:09:0f:77:09:68
Permanent_HWaddr 00:09:0f:77:09:68
Frame_Received 0
Bad Frame Received 0
Tx Frame 0
Tx Frame Drop 0
Receive IP Error 0
FIFO Error 0
Small PktBuf Left 125
Normal PktBuf Left 1021
Jumbo PktBuf Left 253
NAT Anomaly 0