get : gui topology status
gui topology status
Display information about the topology viewer database. The topology viewer is available only if the Topology widget has been added to a customized web-based manager menu layout.
get gui topology status
Example output
        Canvas dimensions (pixels): width=780, height=800
        Colour scheme (RGB): canvas=12ff08, lines=bf0f00, exterior=ddeeee
        Background image: type=none, placement: x=0, y=0
        Line style: thickness=2
Custom background image file: none
Topology element database:
        __FortiGate__: x=260, y=340
        Office: x=22, y=105
        ISPnet: x=222, y=129
        __Text__: x=77, y=112: "Ottawa"
        __Text__: x=276, y=139: "Internet"