execute : tracert6
Test the connection between the FortiGate unit and another network device using IPv6 protocol, and display information about the network hops between the device and the FortiGate unit.
tracert6 [-Fdn] [-f first_ttl] [-i interface] [-m max_ttl]
[-s src_addr] [-q nprobes] [-w waittime] [-z sendwait]
host [paddatalen]
Set Don’t Fragment bit.
Enable debugging.
Do not resolve numeric address to domain name.
-f <first_ttl>
Set the initial time-to-live used in the first outgoing probe packet.
-i <interface>
Select interface to use for tracert.
-m <max_ttl>
Set the max time-to-live (max number of hops) used in outgoing probe packets.
-s <src_addr>
Set the source IP address to use in outgoing probe packets.
-q <nprobes>
Set the number probes per hop.
-w <waittime>
Set the time in seconds to wait for response to a probe. Default is 5.
-z <sendwait>
Set the time in milliseconds to pause between probes.
Enter the IP address or FQDN to probe.
Set the packet size to use when probing.