execute : ping-options, ping6-options
ping-options, ping6-options
Set ICMP echo request (ping) options to control the way ping tests the network connection between the FortiGate unit and another network device.
execute ping-options data-size <bytes>
execute ping-options df-bit {yes | no}
execute ping-options pattern <2-byte_hex>
execute ping-options repeat-count <repeats>
execute ping-options source {auto | <source-intf_ip>}
execute ping-options timeout <seconds>
execute ping-options tos <service_type>
execute ping-options ttl <hops>
execute ping-options validate-reply {yes | no}
execute ping-options view-settings
data-size <bytes>
Specify the datagram size in bytes. The range is from 0 to 65,507.
df-bit {yes | no}
Set df-bit to yes to prevent the ICMP packet from being fragmented. Set df-bit to no to allow the ICMP packet to be fragmented.
pattern <2-byte_hex>
Used to fill in the optional data buffer at the end of the ICMP packet. The size of the buffer is specified using the data_size parameter. This allows you to send out packets of different sizes for testing the effect of packet size on the connection.
No default.
repeat-count <repeats>
Specify how many times to repeat ping. The range is from 1 to 2,147,483,647.
{auto | <source-intf_ip>}
Specify the FortiGate interface from which to send the ping. If you specify auto, the FortiGate unit selects the source address and interface based on the route to the <host-name_str> or <host_ip>. Specifying the IP address of a FortiGate interface tests connections to different network segments from the specified interface.
timeout <seconds>
Specify, in seconds, how long to wait until ping times out.
tos <service_type>
Set the ToS (Type of Service) field in the packet header to provide an indication of the quality of service wanted.
lowdelay = minimize delay
throughput = maximize throughput
reliability = maximize reliability
lowcost = minimize cost
ttl <hops>
Specify the time to live. Time to live is the number of hops the ping packet should be allowed to make before being discarded or returned.
validate-reply {yes | no}
Select yes to validate reply data.
Display the current ping-option settings.
No default.
Use the following command to increase the number of pings sent.
execute ping-options repeat-count 10
Use the following command to send all pings from the FortiGate interface with IP address
execute ping-options source