execute : mrouter clear
mrouter clear
Clear multicast routes, RP-sets, IGMP membership records or routing statistics.
Clear IGMP memberships:
execute mrouter clear igmp-group {{<group-address>} <interface-name>}
execute mrouter clear igmp-interface <interface-name>
Clear multicast routes:
execute mrouter clear <route-type> {<group-address> {<source‑address>}}
Clear PIM-SM RP-sets learned from the bootstrap router (BSR):
execute mrouter clear sparse-mode-bsr
Clear statistics:
execute mrouter clear statistics {<group-address> {<source‑address>}}
Enter the name of the interface on which you want to clear IGMP memberships.
Optionally enter a group address to limit the command to a particular group.
Enter one of:
dense-routes - clear only PIM dense routes
multicast-routes - clear all types of multicast routes
sparse-routes - clear only sparse routes
Optionally, enter a source address to limit the command to a particular source address. You must also specify group‑address.