execute : log fortianalyzer test-connectivity
log fortianalyzer test-connectivity
Use this command to test the connection to the FortiAnalyzer unit. This command is available only when FortiAnalyzer is configured.
execute log fortianalyzer test-connectivity
When FortiAnalyzer is connected, the output looks like this:
FortiAnalyzer Host Name: FortiAnalyzer-800B
FortiGate Device ID: FG50B3G06500085
Registration: registered
Connection: allow
Disk Space (Used/Allocated): 468/1003 MB
Total Free Space: 467088 MB
Log: Tx & Rx
Report: Tx & Rx
Content Archive: Tx & Rx
Quarantine: Tx & Rx
When FortiAnalyzer is not connected, the output is: Connect Error