execute : log filter
log filter
Use this command to select log messages in this VDOM for viewing or deletion. You can view one log category on one device at a time. Optionally, you can filter the messages to select only specified date ranges or severities of log messages. For traffic logs, you can filter log messages by source or destination IP address.
Commands are cumulative. If you omit a required variable, the command displays the current setting.
Use as many execute log filter commands as you need to define the log messages that you want to view.
execute log filter category <category_name>
execute log filter device {disk | memory}
execute log filter dump
execute log filter field <name> <value> [<value2>,...<valuen>] [not]
execute log filter ha-member <unitsn_str>
execute log filter reset [all | field]
execute log filter rolled_number <number>
execute log filter sortby <field> [max-sort-lines]
execute log filter start-line <line_number>
execute log filter view-lines <count>
category <category_name>
Enter the type of log you want to select. To see a list of available categories, enter
execute log filter category
device {disk | memory}
Device where the logs are stored.
Display current filter settings.
No default.
field <name> <value> [<value2>,...<valuen>] [not]
Enter execute log filter field to view the list of field names.
Press Enter after <name> to view information about value parameters for that field.
not inverts the field value condition.
No default.
ha-member <unitsn_str>
Select logs from the specified HA cluster member. Enter the serial number of the unit.
reset [all | field]
Execute this command to reset all filter settings. You can use field option to reset only filter field settings.
No default.
rolled_number <number>
Select logs from rolled log file. 0 selects current log file.
sortby <field> [max-sort-lines]
Sort logs by specified field.
No default.
start-line <line_number>
Select logs starting at specified line number.
view-lines <count>
Set lines per view. Range: 5 to 1000