execute : ha disconnect
ha disconnect
Use this command to disconnect a FortiGate unit from a functioning cluster. You must specify the serial number of the unit to be disconnected. You must also specify an interface name and assign an IP address and netmask to this interface of the disconnected unit. You can disconnect any unit from the cluster even the primary unit. After the unit is disconnected the cluster responds as if the disconnected unit has failed. The cluster may renegotiate and may select a new primary unit.
To disconnect the unit from the cluster, the execute ha disconnect command sets the HA mode of the disconnected unit to standalone. In addition, all interface IP addresses of the disconnected unit are set to The interface specified in the command is set to the IP address and netmask that you specify in the command. In addition all management access to this interface is enabled. Once the FortiGate unit is disconnected you can use SSH, telnet, HTTPS, or HTTP to connect to and manage the FortiGate unit.
execute ha disconnect <cluster-member-serial_str> <interface_str> <address_ipv4> <address_ipv4mask>
The serial number of the cluster unit to be disconnected.
The name of the interface to configure. The command configures the IP address and netmask for this interface and also enables all management access for this interface.
This example shows how to disconnect a cluster unit with serial number FGT5002803033050. The internal interface of the disconnected unit is set to IP address and netmask
execute ha disconnect FGT5002803033050 internal