execute : fortitoken
Use these commands to activate and synchronize a FortiToken device. FortiToken devices are used in two-factor authentication of administrator and user account logons. The device generates a random six-digit code that you enter during the logon process along with user name and password.
Before they can be used to authenticate account logins, FortiToken devices must be activated with the FortiGuard service. When successfully activated, the status of the FortiToken device will change from New to Active.
Synchronization is sometimes needed due to the internal clock drift of the FortiToken device. It is not unusual for new FortiToken units to require synchronization before being put into service. Synchronization is accomplished by entering two sequential codes provided by the FortiToken.
To activate one or more FortiToken devices
execute fortitoken activate <serial_number> [serial_number2 ... serial_numbern]
To import FortiToken OTP seeds
execute fortitoken import <seeds_file> <seeds_file_preshared_key>
To synchronize a FortiToken device
execute fortitoken sync <serial_number> <code> <next code>
To import a set of FortiToken serial numbers
execute fortitoken import-sn-file <ftk-sn>
FortiCare returns a set of 200 serial numbers that are in the same serial number range as the specified FortiToken device.