execute : disk raid
disk raid
Use this command to view information about and change the raid settings on FortiGate units that support RAID.
execute disk raid disable
execute disk raid enable {Raid-0 | Raid-1 | Raid-5}
execute disk raid rebuild
execute disk raid status
Disable raid for the FortiGate unit.
enable {Raid‑0 | Raid‑1 | Raid‑5}
Change the RAID level on the FortiGate unit.
Rebuild RAID on the FortiGate unit at the same RAID level. You can only execute this command if a RAID error has been detected. Changing the RAID level takes a while and deletes all data on the disk array.
Display information about the RAID disk array in the FortiGate unit.
Use the following command to display information about the RAID disk array in a FortiGate-82C.
execute disk raid status
RAID Level: Raid-1
RAID Status: OK
RAID Size: 1000GB
Disk 1: OK Used 1000GB
Disk 2: OK Used 1000GB
Disk 3: OK Used 1000GB
Disk 4: Unavailable Not-Used 0GB