execute : disk
Use this command to list and format hard disks installed in FortiGate units or individual partitions on these hard disks.
execute disk format <partition1_ref_int> [...<partitionn_ref_int>]
execute disk list
execute disk scan <ref_int>
Format the referenced disk partitions or disks. Separate reference numbers with spaces.
If you enter a partition reference number the disk partition is formatted. If you enter a disk reference number the entire disk and all of its partitions are formatted.
List the disks and partitions and the reference number for each one.
Scan a disk or partition and repair errors.
Disk (device) or partition reference number.
The execute disk format command formats the specified partitions or disks and then reboots the system if a reboot is required.
In most cases you need to format the entire disk only if there is a problem with the partition. Formatting the partition removes all data from the partition. Formatting the disk removes all data from the entire disk and creates a single partition on the disk.
Use the following command to list the disks and partitions.
execute disk list
Disk Internal(boot) ref: 14.9GB type: SSD [ATA SanDisk SSD U100] dev: /dev/sda
partition ref: 3 14.4GB, 14.4GB free mounted: Y label: 7464A257123E07BB dev: /dev/sda3
In this example, there is only one partition and its reference number is 3.
Enter the following command to format the partition.
execute disk format 3
After a confirmation message the FortiGate unit formats the partition and restarts. This can take a few minutes.