execute : cfg reload
cfg reload
Use this command to restore the saved configuration when the configuration change mode is manual or revert. This command has no effect if the mode is automatic, the default. The set cfg-save command in system global sets the configuration change mode.
When you reload the saved system configuration, the your session ends and the FortiGate unit restarts.
In the default configuration change mode, automatic, CLI commands become part of the saved unit configuration when you execute them by entering either next or end.
In manual mode, commands take effect but do not become part of the saved configuration unless you execute the execute cfg save command. When the FortiGate unit restarts, the saved configuration is loaded. Configuration changes that were not saved are lost.
The revert mode is similar to manual mode, except that configuration changes are saved automatically if the administrative session is idle for more than a specified timeout period. This provides a way to recover from an erroneous configuration change, such as changing the IP address of the interface you are using for administration. You set the timeout in system global using the set cfg-revert-timeout command.
execute cfg reload
This is sample output from the command when successful:
# execute cfg reload
configs reloaded. system will reboot.This is sample output from the command when not in runtime-only configuration mode:
# execute cfg reload
no config to be reloaded.