execute : central-mgmt
Update Central Management Service account information. Also used receive configuration file updates from an attached FortiManager unit.
execute central-mgmt set-mgmt-id <management_id>
execute central-mgmt register-device <fmg-serial-number> <fmg‑register‑password> <fgt-user-name> <fgt-password>
execute central-mgmt unregister-device <fmg-serial-number>
set-mgmt-id is used to change or initially set the management ID, or your account number for Central Management Services. This account ID must be set for the service to be enabled.
register-device registers the FortiGate unit with a specific FortiManager unit specified by serial number. You must also specify the administrator name and password that the FortiManager unit uses to log on to the FortiGate unit.
unregister-device removes the FortiGate unit from the specified FortiManager unit’s device list.
update is used to update your Central Management Service contract with your new management account ID. This command is to be used if there are any changes to your management service account.
If you are registering with the Central Management Service for the first time, and your account number is 123456, you would enter the following:
execute central-mgmt set-mgmt-id 123456