webfilter : profile : config override
config override
Configure web filtering overrides.
ovrd-dur <###d##h##m>
Enter the FortiGuard Web Filtering override duration in days, hours, and minutes in any combination. For example, 34d, 12h, 20m, 34d23m, 200d12h45m. The maximum is 364d23h59m.
ovrd-dur-mode {ask | constant}
Enter the FortiGuard Web Filtering duration type, one of:
constant — as specified in ftgd-wf-ovrd-dur
ask — ask for duration when initiating override. ftgd‑wf‑ovrd‑dur is the maximum
ovrd-scope {ask | ip | user | user‑group}
Enter the scope of the Web Filtering override, one of:
ask — ask for scope when initiating an override.
ip — override for the initiating IP
user — override for the user
user-group — override for a user group
ovrd-user-group <groupname_str> [<groupname_str>...]
Enter the names of user groups that can be used for FortiGuard Web Filter overrides. Separate multiple names with spaces.
profile <web_profile>
Enter the web profile name.
profile-attribute <attribute_str>
Enter the name of the profile attribute to retrieve from the RADIUS server. Available when profile-type is radius.
profile-type {list | radius}
Enter list if the override profile chosen from a list.
Enter radius if the override profile is determined by a RADIUS server.