webfilter : content-header
Use this example to filter web content according to the MIME content header. You can use this feature to broadly block content by type. But it is also useful to exempt audio and video streaming files from antivirus scanning. Scanning these file types can be problematic.
The content header list is available in the CLI only.
config webfilter content-header
edit <entry_number>
set name <list_name>
set comment <comment_str>
config entries
edit <regex>
set action {allow | block | exempt}
set category <fortiguard_category>
edit <entry_number>
A unique number to identify the content header list.
name <list_name>
The name of the content header list.
comment <comment_str>
The comment attached to the content header list.
edit <regex>
Enter a regular expression to match the content header. For example, .*image.* matches image content types.
action {allow | block | exempt}
Select one of:
allow — permit matching content.
block — if the pattern matches, the content is blocked.
exempt — if the pattern matches, the content is exempted from antivirus scanning.
category <fortiguard_category>
Enter the FortiGuard category (or categories) to match. To view a list of categories, enter set category ?