web-proxy : forward-server
Use this command to support explicit web proxy forwarding, also called proxy chaining.
config web-proxy forward-server
edit <server_name_string>
set addr-type {fqdn | ip}
set comment <comment_string>
set fqdn <fqdn_string>
set healthcheck {enable | disable}
set ip <server_ipv4>
set monitor <http_url>
set port <port_integer>
set server-down-option {block | pass}
addr-type {fqdn | ip}
Select whether proxy address is defined by domain name (fqdn) or IP address.
comment <comment_string>
Optionally, enter a description.
No default.
fqdn <fqdn_string>
Enter the fully qualified domain name of the forwarding web proxy server. Available if addr-type is fqdn.
No default.
healthcheck {enable | disable}
Enable or disable proxy server health check. Health checking attempts to connect to a web server to make sure that the remote forwarding server is operating.
ip <server_ipv4>
Enter the IP address of the forwarding proxy server.
Available if addr-type is ip.
monitor <http_url>
Enter the URL to use for health check monitoring. This would be a URL that the web proxy would attempt to connect to through the forwarding server. If the web proxy can’t connect to this URL it assumes the forwarding server is down.
port <port_integer>
Enter the port number that the forwarding server expects to receive HTTP sessions on.
server-down-option {block | pass}
Select the action to take when the forwarding proxy server is down. You can either forward connections to