wanopt : settings
Use this command to add or change the FortiGate WAN optimization local host ID and to enable traffic logging for WAN optimization and WAN optimization web caching sessions. The local host ID identifies the FortiGate unit to other FortiGate units for WAN optimization. All WAN optimization tunnel startup requests to other FortiGate units include the local host id. The FortiGate unit can only perform WAN optimization with other FortiGate units that have this local host id in their peer list.
config wanopt settings
set host-id <host-id-name_str>
set log-traffic {cifs ftp http mapi tcp}
set tunnel-ssl-algorithm {high | medium | low}
host-id <host-id-name_str>
Enter the local host ID.
log-traffic {cifs ftp http mapi tcp}
Enable WAN optimization and WAN optimization web caching traffic logging for each type of WAN optimization session.
Valid types are: cifs ftp http mapi tcp. Separate each type with a space.
To add or remove an option from the list, retype the complete list as required.
tunnel-ssl-algorithm {high | medium | low}
Select the relative strength of encryption accepted for SSL tunnel negotiation.
high encryption allows AES and 3DES.
medium encryption allows AES, 3DES, and RC4.
low encryption allows AES, 3DES, RC4, and DES.