vpn : ssl web virtual-desktop-app-list
ssl web virtual-desktop-app-list
Use this command to create a list of either allowed or blocked applications which you then select when you configure the virtual desktop.
config vpn ssl web virtual-desktop-app-list
edit <applist_name>
set set action {allow | block}
config apps
edit <app_name>
set md5s <md5_str>
Enter a name for the application control list.
set action {allow | block}
Set the action for this application control list:
allow — Allow the applications on this list and block all others.
block Block the applications on this list and allow all others
Enter the name of the application to be added to the application control list. This can be any name and does not have to match the official name of the application.
set md5s <md5_str>
Enter one or more known MD5 signatures (space-separated) for the application executable file.You can use a third-party utility to calculate MD5 signatures or hashes for any file. You can enter multiple signatures to match multiple versions of the application.
No default.