system : vdom-link
Use this command to create an internal point-to-point interface object. This object is a link used to join virtual domains. Inter-VDOM links support BGP routing, and DHCP.
Creating the interface object also creates 2 new interface objects by the name of <name>0 and <name>1. For example if your object was named v_link, the 2 interface objects would be named v_link0 and v_link1. You can then configure these new interfaces as you would any other virtual interface using config system interface.
When using vdom-links in HA, you can only have vdom-links in one vcluster. If you have vclusters defined, you must use the vcluster field to determine which vcluster will be allowed to contain the vdom-links.
A packet can pass through an inter-VDOM link a maximum of three times. This is to prevent a loop. When traffic is encrypted or decrypted it changes the content of the packets and this resets the inter-VDOM counter. However using IPIP or GRE tunnels do not reset the counter.
config system vdom-link
edit <name>
set type {ppp | ethernet}
set vcluster {1|2}
edit <name>
Enter the name of the link object to create. You are limited to 8 characters maximum for the name.
No default.
type {ppp | ethernet}
Select type of VDOM link: PPP or Ethernet.
vcluster {1|2}
Select vcluster 1 or 2 as the only vcluster to have inter-VDOM links.
This option is available only when HA and vclusters are configured, and there are VDOMs in both vclusters.