system : tos-based-priority
Use this command to prioritize your network traffic based on its type-of-service (TOS).
IP datagrams have a TOS byte in the header (as described in RFC 791). Four bits within this field determine the delay, the throughput, the reliability, and cost (as described in RFC 1349) associated with that service. There are 4 other bits that are seldom used or reserved that are not included here. Together these bits are the tos variable of the tos-based-priority command.
The TOS information can be used to manage network traffic and its quality based on the needs of the application or service. TOS application routing (RFC 1583) is supported by OSPF routing.
For more information on TOS in routing, see “policy, policy6”.
config system tos-based-priority
edit <name>
set tos <ip_tos_value>
set priority [high | medium | low]
edit <name>
Enter the name of the link object to create
No default.
tos <ip_tos_value>
Enter the value of the type of service byte in the IP datagram header:
8 -- minimize delay
4 -- maximize throughput
2 -- maximize reliability
1 -- minimize monetary cost
0 -- default service
priority [high | medium | low]
Select the priority of this type of service as either high, medium, or low priority. These priority levels conform to the firewall traffic shaping priorities.