system : sflow
Use this command to add or change the IP address and UDP port that FortiGate sFlow agents use to send sFlow datagrams to an sFlow collector.
sFlow is a network monitoring protocol described in FortiOS implements sFlow version 5. You can configure one or more FortiGate interfaces as sFlow agents that monitor network traffic and send sFlow datagrams containing information about traffic flow to an sFlow collector.
sFlow is normally used to provide an overall traffic flow picture of your network. You would usually operate sFlow agents on switches, routers, and firewall on your network, collect traffic data from all of them and use a collector to show traffic flows and patterns.
config system sflow
set collector-ip <collector_ipv4>
set collector_port <port_int>
set source-ip <ipv4_addr>
collector-ip <collector_ipv4>
The IP address of the sFlow collector that sFlow agents should send sFlow datagrams to.
collector_port <port_int>
The UDP port number used for sending sFlow datagrams. Change this setting only if required by your sFlow collector or you network configuration.
source-ip <ipv4_addr>
Enter the source IP address for the sFlow agent.