system : replacemsg admin
replacemsg admin
Use this command to change the administration disclaimer page.
If you enter the following CLI command the FortiGate unit displays the Administration Login disclaimer whenever an administrator logs into the FortiGate unit web-based manager or CLI.
config system global
set pre-login-banner enable
set post-login-banner enable
The web-based manager administrator login disclaimer contains the text of the Login Disclaimer replacement message as well as Accept and Decline buttons. The administrator must select accept to login.
These are HTML messages with HTTP headers.
config system replacemsg admin admin_disclaimer_text
set buffer <message>
set format <format>
set header <header_type>
buffer <message>
Type a new replacement message to replace the current replacement message. Maximum length 8 192 characters.
Depends on message type.
format <format>
Set the format of the message: html, text, or none.
No default.
header <header_type>
Set the format of the message header: 8bit, http, or none.
Depends on message type.
Replacement messages can include replacement message tags. When users receive the replacement message, the replacement message tag is replaced with content relevant to the message. Generally there is not a large call for these tags in disclaimer pages.
Table 2: Replacement message tags
Link to open a new window. (optional).
Immediately close the connection policy.
URL the keep alive page connects to that keeps the connection policy alive. Connects every %%TIMEOUT%% seconds.
Configured number of seconds between %%KEEPALIVEURL%% connections.