system : arp-table
Use this command to manually configure add ARP table entries to the FortiGate unit. ARP table entries consist of a interface name, an IP address, and a MAC address.
Limits for the number of ARP table entries are software limits set by the FortiGate configuration as documented in the FortiGate Maximum Values Matrix document.
This command is available per VDOMs.
config system arp-table
edit <table_value>
set interface <port>
set ip <address_ipv4>
set mac <mac_address>
interface <port>
Enter the interface this ARP entry is associated with
No default
ip <address_ipv4>
Enter the IP address of the ARP entry.
No default.
mac <mac_address>
Enter the MAC address of the device entered in the table, in the form of xx:xx:xx:xx:xx:xx.
No default.