spamfilter : profile : config {imap | imaps | mapi | pop3 | pop3s | smtp | smtps}
config {imap | imaps | mapi | pop3 | pop3s | smtp | smtps}
Configure spam filtering options for the IMAP, IMAPS, MAPI, POP3, POP3S, SMTP, and SMTPS email protocols.
action {discard | pass | tag}
Select the action that this profile uses for filtered email. Tagging appends custom text to the subject or header of email identified as spam. When scan or streaming mode (also called splice) is selected, the FortiGate unit can only discard spam email. Discard immediately drops the connection. Without streaming mode or scanning enabled, chose to discard, pass, or tag spam.
discard — do not pass email identified as spam.
pass — disable spam filtering.
tag — tag spam email with text configured using the tagmsg option and the location set using the tag-type option.
log {enable | disable}
Enable or disable logging.
tag-type {subject | header} [spaminfo]
Select to affix the tag to either the MIME header or the subject line, and whether or not to append spam information to the spam header, when an email is detected as spam. Also configure tag-msg.
If you select to add the tag to the subject line, the FortiGate unit will convert the entire subject line, including tag, to UTF-8 by default. This improves display for some email clients that cannot properly display subject lines that use more than one encoding.
subject spaminfo
tag-msg <message_str>
Enter a word or phrase (tag) to affix to email identified as spam.
When typing a tag, use the same language as the FortiGate unit’s current administrator language setting. Tagging text using other encodings may not be accepted.
To correctly enter the tag, your SSH or telnet client must also support your language’s encoding. Alternatively, you can use the web‑based manager’s CLI widget to enter the tag.
Tags must not exceed 64 bytes. The number of characters constituting 64 bytes of data varies by text encoding, which may vary by the FortiGate administrator language setting.
Tags containing space characters, such as multiple words or phrases, must be surrounded by quote characters ()to be accepted by the CLI.
hdrip {enable | disable}
For smtp and smtps. Select to check header IP addresses for spamfsip, spamrbl, and spamipbwl filters.
local-override {enable | disable}
For smtp and smtps. Select to override SMTP or SMTPS remote check, which includes IP RBL check, IP FortiGuard antispam check, and HELO DNS check, with the locally defined black/white antispam list.