spamfilter : iptrust
Use this command to add an entry to a list of trusted IP addresses.
If the FortiGate unit sits behind a company’s Mail Transfer Units, it may be unnecessary to check email IP addresses because they are internal and trusted. The only IP addresses that need to be checked are those from outside of the company. In some cases, external IP addresses may be added to the list if it is known that they are not sources of spam.
config spamfilter iptrust
edit <list_int>
set name <list_str>
set comment <comment_str>
config entries
edit <address_int>
set addr-type {ipv4 | ipv6}
set ip4-subnet {<address_ipv4mask>}
set ip6-subnet {<address_ipv6mask>}
set status {enable | disable}
addr-type {ipv4 | ipv6}
Select whether IPv4 or IPv6 addresses will be used.
A unique number to identify the IP trust list.
The name of the IP trust list.
The comment attached to the IP trust list.
A unique number to identify the address.
ip4-subnet {<address_ipv4mask>}
The trusted IPv4 IP address and subnet mask in the format or
No default
ip6-subnet {<address_ipv6mask>}
The trusted IPv6 IP address. This is available when addr-type is ipv6.
No default
status {enable | disable}
Enable or disable the IP address.